[TW] Writing My Way To Better Mental Health

Before technology became a big part of my life, I had to find other forms of entertainment. I was a creative soul, I could create the most beautiful things from your everyday trash. Something I can remember so vividly however was the enjoyment I found from writing, I was obsessed with books and I believe... Continue Reading →


[TW] To The Child Mourning The Loss Of Their Parent

When you love your family, you expect that they will be there for you till the end, your siblings will grow old with you and your parents will die when they are over 80, hopefully of old age. You expect your parents to be there at your graduation, your wedding, your children's birth and to... Continue Reading →

[TW] I Am A Survivor Of Abuse

There sits a young girl, happy in her own little world, when she hears those familiar foot steps, she shivers and looks around for her escape. Alas she does not have the time as he found her, the predator, with an evil grin he approaches and turns that beautiful pale skin into a horrid shade... Continue Reading →

[TW] Moving Out From A Toxic Home

Before my dad died, I thought I may live in my family home forever, I was comfortable and I enjoyed not having responsibilities but after his death, I was left in a toxic environment that left me spiralling, I knew I needed to move out but I didn't know how. The same year my dad... Continue Reading →


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